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Siren's Call: A Dark Tides NovelSiren's Call: A Dark Tides Novel by Devyn Quinn
ARC provided by author.
Release Date Aug 3, 2010

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PJVs QUICK POV: This book screamed, "I'm a paranormal romance," at me when I first read the synopsis, but I really think it is much more than a romance story with paranormal flavoring. Which is why I enjoyed it. The story blends real world problems and emotions, a rich complex Urban Fantasy world, and even science fiction aspects in a complex, entertaining package. For me the romance was very low on the radar compared to all the other parts of the novel, which might strike some people as a bad thing, especially if they are looking for that romance -- but I liked it.

REVIEW: After his wife is murdered, carrying their unborn child, Kenneth decides he is going to commit suicide by throwing himself into the stormy waters of the sea. Thinking he is a crazy swimmer, Tessa stalls before swimming to his rescue, when she spots him from her lighthouse. Being a mermaid has it's advantages though, and she quickly locates him and saves him from the rough sees with a bit of Mer magic.

About a year later, Kenneth is still haunted by what happened to him in the water. He can't quite remember, but he knows something otherworldly was at play in those waters, and the lovely redhead that pulled him from the sea has something to do with it. A few counseling sessions later, Kenneth liquidates all his property and sets of to the island he tried to end his life on, and the woman that is a reoccurring fantasy in his dreams.

When Kenneth does come to the island there is an instant attraction between him and Tessa. But Tessa is a bit on the bitchy side, she likes her seclusion, and she doesn't trust men one iota. But, financial situations and overbearing siblings force her into taking Kenneth on as her handyman.  The quickly find their attraction is too much to contain, especially after Kenneth stumbles onto Tessa in her Mer form. Nothing hotter than a chick with tribal tats and a tail!

Just as Kenneth and Tessa are getting comfortable. The real world intrudes, by way of two sisters and one ex-boyfriend who believes he can win Tessa back with the hopes that he has located a missing Mer world. The whole gang treks across the world to discover this ancient city - but in the end they discover a lost world of mermaids which might change everything forever!

Highly entertaining, a quick fun read, with just enough action to keep me on my toes. I found the romance part of the novel rather light, with enough nookie to keep it steamy, but the not a lot of emotion to make it all sappy. But, because of the light romance side I didn't quite see the love. I felt Kenneth's but in the end, I don't know about Tessa...but that might be the intention of Ms. Quinn, could there be an upset in any future books? I thought the Aryan like Mers were diabolical and believable. I actually think a lot more time could have been spent developing this world, instead of only the last part of the book. But Tessa and Kenneth's established personalities which happens in the beginning of the book does great wonders to make you fall in love with Kenneth...and at least attain a grudging respect for Tessa. I think Ms. Quinn did a wonderful job with portraying the colder side of the finned females and her hero was a lot more well rounded than most romance heros, while her heroine was much more prickly than the usual wilting violet romance chick. I really liked that, but it could throw some hard-core romance fans off.

Two gripes that I do have to mention, or I wouldn't be honest. One...when I think of a red headed mermaid saving a drowning thoughts go directly to Ariel. And two, the cover.  Where are the tats?

RECOMMENDATIONS: This is a wonderful novel for Urban Fantasy readers that would like to transition to Paranormal Romance. Romance fans might also give this one a try, because the mermaids aren't as overpowering as vamps, or werewolves can be.

BWB Rating 3/4


Wings said...

oooh I sooo want to read this! I found it last week and absolutely ADORED the cover!

hey hun, not to be a pain, which I usually am anyway...but have the polls finished? just so I know what books to buy :D


Devyn Quinn said...

Thanks for the nice review. Alas, the authors have zero say over the cover. AS for the red hair, never having seen the Little Mermaid, I didn't know, LOL