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Sirens Call by Devyn Quinn

Sirens Call by Devyn Quinn
Review Posted by Tina at TinasbookReviews
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Releasing August 3rd 2010 by Signet
Paperback, 383 pages

Book Synopsis

Tessa Lonike likes her solitude on the island of Little Mer, off the coast of Maine. Keeping the fact that she is a mermaid is an easy secret; her job offers safety and hiding among humans. Kenneth a man suffering from loss wants to just escape. But when these two meet...depression, secrecy and mer-fins are just the beginning of their sizzling romance. Just when things are about to take a turn for the serious, in walks Mr. Ex. With two distinct and important probable futures Tessa will have to decide to follow the heritage of her people or the lure of her heart.


Picture the setting...........

A thunderstorm is brewing against the rough currents of the ocean. Gray clouds and cold dark waves crashing into the depths of the waters......A depressed man stripped naked literally and emotionally over the loss of love and a child wants to forget and dives deep into the uninviting ocean without resurfacing.Tessa watcher over the bay at Little Mer is not only keeper of a lighthouse but also keeper of some mighty fins---on a night that will change her life, Tessa jumps into the ocean to rescue a suicidal man............

Ten months pass after the rescue when the two finally meet and the reader gets launched into a typical paranormal romance laced with raunchy sex scenes, sea-nymph fantasy’s, tasteless language and abrasive body language. The somewhat seriousness of the beginning gets pretty much bogged down with heated and frisky dialog that bounce between Kenneth and Tessa. A subtle romance that of course begins with the cocky, I want you, get out my face attitude and turns into some quit steamy and how do I say this nicely....not really prudent relationship.

Apart from the lacking on the romance, I really liked the adventure the duo take and when we get into the true folklore and history into Tessa's Mer-family. I had a fun time exploring this aspect of the story. Unfortunately though, I could not connect to Tessa and Kenneth’s love story...even during the more action of the book due to the beginning on Kenneth’s part because where I wanted back-story I got very little and where I wanted depth I got jokes and where I wanted serious romance I got more of a casual sex romance. The blend of Kenneth’s loss and depression just didn’t mix well with his overly active desires for sex. Both characters seemed to be completely fueled by sex and nothing more in the beginning.The whole attitude of -I just gotta get laid and now- seemed to cheapen the novel for me. When things got going towards the midway point the couple seemed to focus on the seriousness of their relationship or potential of it but not enough to change how I was feeling overall. I loved the change of the paranormal in the sense of reading about Mermaids and having it be a more grown up look at the myth and not one single vampire in the mix.

Although Sirens Call did not work me it does have an appealing atmosphere for lovers of PNR or even erotica, for those looking for a very light, somewhat humorous sexy read will enjoy Sirens Call.


Graphic Sexuality, graphic language, magic, nasty x-boyfriends, slippery fins, deep sea adventures and steamy paranormal romance.....recommended to adults only.

2/4- Romance-Mermaids
Thanks to Ms. Quinn for review e-copy!