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Crimson Moon by J.A. Saare

Crimosn Moon by J.A. Saare
June 25th 2010 by The Wild Rose Press
Paperback, 350 pages
Review Copy

Book Synopsis

Trueblood vampires. Those set apart from common’s by right of blood. Graced with extraordinary abilities such as telepathy, clairvoyance, and precog...more Trueblood vampires. Those set apart from common’s by right of blood. Graced with extraordinary abilities such as telepathy, clairvoyance, and precognition - they are the most powerful and feared among their kind. The secret lies within, a legacy evolving from the truest form of magic, and their living bloodlines are the key. An average morning is what Emma Johnson envisions when she visits Joe’s Café for a steaming cup of coffee. But the world isn't the place she imagined it to be, and neither is she… After Emma is rescued from a horde of bloodthirsty creatures, she discovers she is the daughter of a powerful Vampire from the House Deviard, her rescuer, Caleb, having been sent to see her safely home. For Caleb is also unique, a werewolf procured to protect the royal Vampiric bloodlines from harm - but nothing more. Soon, the undeniable connection Emma and Caleb share evolves beyond attraction into something unexpected. When she is forced to make a choice, what path will she take - vampire or wolf?..................(Goodreads)


Love at first sight, eternal love never to be broken…..I don’t believe in it……..There’s no possible way to meet a person and within thirty seconds know you love them. To me love is devotion; love is putting ones need before your own. It takes time and bonds to truly love someone so deeply. After reading Caleb and Emma’s story though it makes me want to believe in the concept of love within minutes. Love so intense-- it forever links two people together unable to be broken.

Emma has tough decisions today, enroll in college, get a job or stay in bed. Bogged down by the weight of her circumstances having no family left, her mother dead, unknown to her father and now grandmother who is in a nursing home with Alzheimer’s, Emma decides coffee and donuts are the best way to go. During her delicious donut-fest, Emma is approached by a strange man, one that scares her enough to leave the café and head back home (first mistake Emma- should have snuck out the back without him seeing) during which the stranger follows her and before Emma knows it her running turns into flying as she is flung across someone’s shoulders and transported miles on her would-be rescuer.

Caleb- a beautiful dark haired, indigo eyed werewolf happens to be that rescuer. His mission: to rescue the high Vampire Lords daughter and deliver her to the safety of her people. Emma learns all of this in a car ride and I must say handles it pretty well. Having a pack of half-vampire zombies chase you will open your mind pretty quick and Emma doesn’t spend too much time accepting the situation as real and also giving in to the intense feelings she’s having towards Caleb. The two are able to deeply (a-hem) connect and spend important time together before Emma had to meet to her father. But when the time comes to send Emma to her people a tragic event occurs which turns Caleb to do the unthinkable........................

I loved Caleb and Emma's sweet and innocent romance....well innocent for at least a few days........and loved that Caleb had a supernatural bond with her, the whole wolf with one mate thing. I liked the fact that Emma had been with no one else prior to Caleb, which made their first "real night" almost magical. The connection between them although flew at lightning speed worked in the story due to the paranormal flair these characters possessed. While in the middle of the book Caleb's behavior really angered me, he defiantly redeems himself later in the story. I also thought Saare's writing was spot-on, she was able to tie romance, the paranormal world and a fast paced plot line into a page turning fun story. I cant wait for the second installment!!!!!!!!!!!


Crimson Moon is recommended to adults only. Content includes: graphic language, violence, graphic sexuality, blood and gore. Think Twilight romance rated R.

3/4- Paranormal Romance- Vampires and Werewolves
Thanks to Ms. Saare for review copy.



KWbookfanatic said...

I gave your blog an award, come to mine to collect it!

J.A. Saare said...

Tina ~

Thank for you for taking the time to read and review Crimson Moon. I'm so glad you liked the story and the characters.

I'm hoping that Crimson Sunrise will be available sometime next year. ;-)