Monday, July 19, 2010

Crimson Moon--Book Review

Crimson Moon
Emma lives with Grandmother and is doing well in school . When we meet her she has been taking care of her grandmothers with Alzheimer's . Grandmother has raised her since her moms death and her dad walked away.

Emma is a half vampire and is taken in by Caleb who is a werewolf , sent by her father. There is an instant attraction when they first meet and he rescues her from the bad guys at the diner.

Emma meets Caleb's family and friends before she meets her dad in Scotland. Emma and Caleb make love two times and are now bonded or mated for life. Caleb fights Parker and saves her along with Trent.

Caleb breaks up with Emma before she goes to meet her dad. She grows closer to Trent and gets an introduction to the vampire society in London. In Scotland, she finds that more shocking news . I would have been more upset then what Emma was with this news.

Trent is attracted to Emma and she also has a Vamp special ability , and the Head vamp wants Emma for himself. Emma wears the ring from Caleb.

I wasn't too sure if this was a Young Adult book or an Adult because with Caleb's age and going after Emma was a bit strange and Ironically she was a virgin , but why must characters bond in bed. Glad I didn't hear that I'm told old for you and it will never work out, that characters often give in books. That was my only complaint about the book.

Liked the triangle of Trent and Caleb over Emma.

I liked that I got to know her a bit over twitter but I loved this book and for my first time reading it..I want to read more by her.

Book Review =4

Thanks to the author for the book and these is my Honest Review and where can I find myself a Caleb or Trent to talk with and be saved when I get in mortal danger


Bells said...

I'm glad to see that you enjoyed the book. I thought the triangle betten Caleb, Emma, and Trent was great too. They were both great guys and it was hard for me to choose between them.

JA Saare is a pleasure to talk to on Twitter. She is so real and I like that about people. :D

ParaJunkee said...

Julie - WalMart sweetie - they now sell them on the Feminine Products aisle (because the boys don't go on that aisle). They are now separating them by age & experience & hotness level. Of course, a super hottie, with a white knight complex is gonna be a little more expensive than a semi-hot, nerdy prone boy ;)

My 5 Monkeys(Julie) said...

rach-- I'll have to do the walmart trick to find the real man LOL. It was a fun :)