Before you read the guidelines here are the acronyms that are used:

BWB - Blog with Bite
HBIC - Head Bloggers In Charge
SUD - Sign up Deadline
CB - Current Book

  1. On the date of the review deadline, all bloggers must post the review to the current book on their own blog site. Post the link to the review in the comments section of the review page.
  2. Within the post, place the This Review Bites...Blog with Bite banner, or if you are unable to post a banner, place a text link that directs to the Blog with Bite site. Get the banners and code HERE.
  3. Discussion questions will be posted on the BWB blog site, once you have completed the book, we ask that you answer these questions and post them on your blog site (on the bottom of the review or in a seperate post - which ever you prefer). Discussion questions are designed to make you think about the novel you just read and to incite conversation topics regarding the novel.  
  4. The day after the review deadline, the next book will be posted, along with the deadlines.
  5. The day after review deadline the Top Reviewer will also be chosen and subsequent awards given. Top Reviewers will be chosen for their writing skills, honest opinions and depth.  The top reviews will be posted on the BWB blog site, along with the discussion topics.  Bloggers names and urls will be cited after every comment, and top reviews.
  6. HBICs reviews will also be posted on the BWB blog site, but the Top Reviews will be the prominent listings.
  7. Awards  
    1. Top Reviewer Award
    2. Legacy Award - Participate in 10 back to back BWB events