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HBIC Seeker Review on Queene of Light

HBIC Review on Queene of Light by Jennifer Armintrout posted by Tina at Tinasbookreviews

The Down- low: Ayla is a half human half faerie assassin. She deals death to the Darklings aka werewolves, vampires, trolls, goblins and so on. Now don’t go getting your hopes up at the mention of Wolf-boys and Vamps because they play no role in this book except for a few bad lines and a stinky death. Ayla shows no mercy and has sworn her allegiance to the Guild. The Guild being a group of deadly assasins dedicated to doing the Queen’s will. Ayla is out one night hunting one of the nasty beasties when she realizes she is being stalked by a death angel. Their encounter will change them both forever.

Lightworld where Ayla resides is home to the Fae. Also living there is Garret the big horses butt of our story who is brother to the Queen of Lightworld. Garret aka horse butt has his eye on Ayla for his eternal mate. The scam: he knows once they mate and he does away with his sister Ayla will become queen. Through her he will rule Lightworld and no one will be able to stop him. He sounds like a real catch!

Warning Spoilers ahead:....(skip down to next paragraph if you need to)

Although Ayla has mixed feelings for Garret she completely folds to him and winds up consummating the relationship. Although this was a really weird consummation the two become mates and Garret announces it to the court. Unfortunately Garret didn’t take Malachi into consideration, he never knew the night Ayla went into the tunnels and sewers to deal death to a darkly she would herself crash with Malachi, sucking out his immortality thus sealing an irreversible bond between the two. Drawn to one another, needing the other in ways they can’t understand. Although there was really no relationship between these two it was just a very intense physical attraction. So later that night after the big consummation Malachi finds Ayla, no words are spoken for they have this communication thing going on within the depths of their eyes…(barf) wouldn’t you know it just when we get to the good part Garret walks in and catches them making out, Malachi takes off and Garret beats Ayla to nice bloody pulp. Wow…way to go assassin Ayla, let the horses butt beat you up, don’t even protect yourself or give him the elbow….come on at least a kick in the you know what’s!! I think guys who hit women are weak, mindless fools!!

Needless to say I find myself a bit torn on this one, I thought the writing was good, but feel I need to invest in a Jennifer Armintrout dictionary to understand all the stuff going on in her world. I liked the fantasy world she created, yet didn’t like that I was unable to connect with any of the characters. Ayla seemed like two people to me, one side of her was this brave, bold killer assassin, the other was this weak undecided goes with everything girl. Malachi is raging death one minute and consumed with passion the next. The only character who seemed solid was Keller and he was the human caught between the worlds under the sewers. I’m wondering if the next books will be good, seeing how this book had major plot and character set up, so we will see..........................BWB Score: 2.5

BWB Discussion Questions
#1 Did you have an understanding of the world created by this novel, or did you find the complexity too much? I liked the fantasy world but at times yes it was confusing, it seemed to jump, skip info leave you wondering.

#2 In a book that it appears many have trouble liking, what is one thing that you like about this book? I liked the fact that out of all the crap Ayla went through, she wound up being the Queen and that the prophecy was about her or her baby all along.

#3 Did you agree with the author’s decision to make Ayla a fierce assassin in battle and a weakling in her emotions? For example her obvious contempt for Garret but yet her willingness to be his mate and subject herself to his demeaning manor? NO- it didn’t make sense to me. She at least should have had more reasoning skills; she just seemed to be so flaky and had no backbone, no guts to speak for herself. The part when Garret beats her up, she just lays there and takes it- If I was a kick a** assassin I would of beat the crap out of him!! If Ayla had only been wishy-washy on her feelings for Malachi I could have bought this side of her, but when anything important came up Ayla just wimped out!

#4 What do you think the significance of the baby Ayla carries is/will be? Hmmm…well she did bag the both of them (Garret & Malachi) so who knows, I know the book stated that the Faeries only mated for children when need be but maybe I missed the part where it was a solid for sure….I’m hoping its Malachi’s baby and it will usher in a new race, new King to rule all the beasties………

#5 What do you think of Ayla's ascension to the throne? Do you believe she accepted her own destiny too easily? Yes- one minute she’s running from Lightworld then she’s going back, then she’s a prisoner then she prego and a queen…….like I said before no reasoning skills with this one.


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Great review chick. I'm pretty much in agreement with you on this book.