Sunday, November 1, 2009

BWB Intertwined Top Reviewer!

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Here is her review:

All through out Aden Stone's life, he has been labeled as cracy, schizophrenic, and violent. It's taken him 16 years to finally be released into a more 'normal' environment. It's almost unreal that he has the freedom to walk around a town on his own, and interact with people. Aden isn't crazy though, he's just forced to live with the souls of four others inside of his head. They constantly battle for his attention, and what makes things worse, they have abilities that Aden can't control.

Each soul has a gift for the supernatural. One can time travel, while another can raise the dead. This can get quite annoying for Aden when he is trying to live a peaceful life. It gets worse though, as the remaining two souls each have an ability as well, one being able to tell the future, more namely what will cause the death of those Aden passes in life. The last, can possess the body of another human, taking Aden and the other souls along for the ride.

Aden has made it his goal to release the souls in side of his head, so for once in his life he can have some peace. When he meets a girl that can quite the souls just by being in his presence, he is certain she will be able to help him figure out the mystery. Aden and Mary Ann have a bond that can't be broken. While they are drawn together, they are both repelled as well, knowing that something is weird about the way they feel about each other. They feel as though they are two magnets, both drawn to each other, but repelled in another.

Things only get more weird for Aden and Mary Anne as their friendship progresses. They meet a werewolf that is hell bent on having Mary Anne for his own, and a vampire princess that Aden can't help but be drawn to. While their love for one another is forbidden, they work together to enter a world full of creatures that both Aden and Mary Anne never knew existed. It will be a bumpy ride, full of surprises and danger, but they are determined to come out on the other side.

I was extremely excited to read this story, and waited eagerly for it to arrive in my mailbox after having ordered it online. It had to sit for a little bit, unfortunetly, due to catching up on a few other reviews that I had promised to have finished beforehand. When I finally was able to dig in, I couldn't stop. Within the first two hours, I was already half way through the story, and itching to find out what would happen next.

This is the first novel I have ever read by Gena Showalter, and I can honestly say I'm more excited to read more of her work than ever. While there was so much going on in this story, it all meshed together very nicely. I thought that by focusing on four characters in this book, plus the souls of four others, it was going to be a jumbled mess. Interwined, was in fact, an action packed rollar coaster with lots of dips and turns.

The story was addicting, and when I finally hit that last page I was eager to know what would happen next with Aden and his friends. Luckily, Showalter has a sequel in the works called, Unraveled, and all I can say is that I absolutly can't wait to get my hands on it, it scheduled for release in September of 2010. In this first installment, Showalter's characters are so well-rounded, and intriguing. I can only imagine how they will progress over time, and itch for the chance at another adventure.


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Nice review! Sums everything up very nicely. And I'm already a follower, but I'm glad this came up since I think it's lost in my updates somewhere. :)

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congrats on the great review.

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Wow! Thanks for voting for me guys! I'm so excited :)

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Congrats on the win! This is an excellent review. You explained your thoughts and summed up the book very well!

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I MUST know who won Vamps + Werewolves! hehe ;]