Thursday, November 19, 2009

HBIC Review - Queen of Light by Froggy

 The book started off a bit slow for my taste but that is expected in a first book of a series. Ayla is suppose to be an assassin for the queen but I really just didn't buy it. She seemed to be more a fluffy character than a hard strong woman that you would expect to be as an assassin. Her mentor really just pushes her to do what he wants and then asks her to be his mate. She actually agrees even though she has no feelings for him and goes through with the ceremony!! Then she doesn't even stand up for herself when he beats her!! Seriously? An assassin just lets a man beat her? She should of kicked his bum or at least protected herself! What kind of message does that send to woman? I didn't like that part of the story at all.
The writing was good but I just couldn't get into the story/world that was created. Usually I fall into books and lose track of time lost in what was written but I really had to make myself keep picking the book up to read it.

I give this book a 2/4                 

oops forgot my Discussion questions!!
#1 Did you have an understanding of the world created by this novel, or did you find the complexity too much?

I did understand it but wasn't drawn in to it.

#2 In a book that it appears many have trouble liking, what is one thing that you like about this book?

It wasn't long...LOL! Nothing really comes to mind.

#3 Did you agree with the author’s decision to make Ayla a fierce assassin in battle and a weakling in her emotions? For example her obvious contempt for Garret but yet her willingness to be his mate and subject herself to his demeaning manor?

No, I hated it! see my review above. LOL

#4 What do you think the significance of the the baby Ayla carries is/will be?

I really can't even guess....but you can bet someone will want to kill the baby or kidnap it.

#5 What do you think of Ayla's ascension to the throne? Do you believe she accepted her own destiny too easily?
yes, she didn't really even question it. Didn't even debate what this would mean for her or her future.


MarthaE said...

I always find it fun to have such different opinions! It grabbed me from the beginning! LOL Sorry you didn't enjoy it.