Sunday, November 29, 2009

HBIC Seeker Review on Bound to Shadows

                                  Bound to Shadows by Keri Arthur: A Blog with Bite Review posted by Tina at Tinasbookreviews

Riley Jenson is a detective, a fierce guardian who is half vampire, half werewolf, fights for the justice of innocents and has a really bad lust problem!!! In this murder mystery “who-done-it” rollercoaster Riley is trying to uncover who is beheading local vampires and killing women. Riley is now caught in the middle of solving these multiple cases and fighting off the lure of a suspicious club owner.

Where do I start????..................

The detective crime story is fast paced and well throughout although this more enjoyable part of the book basically takes a backseat to the Riley, Kye and Quinn drama. Usually I'm all for this kind of dilemma, loving the interaction and drama between the characters as much as an exciting plot. In this case, however, being my first Riley Jenson book I wasn’t impressed. Riley loves Quinn yet she feels the desires of her wolf self and is lured to her soul mate Kye. She doesn’t want to hurt Quinn but the beasty gal is just screaming to come out and get all wolfy with Kye. Let me tell you about Kye….eww…he was just a big villainous creep. He had no redeeming qualities and the relationship angle with these two was very nauseating. I didn’t connect to this book or the characters. Riley has some major issues, her smarts in detective work was always overshadowed by her lust issues. In the first few chapters alone she’s pinning over four different men. She just cant help but to look and notice everything gloriously male. I mean I love a great love story with passion and turmoil but this just seemed cheap and sleazy. Quinn the oh so commited boyfriend does nothing to fight for his true love and pretty much lets Kye run shotgun through the whole book. Kade, Riley's somewhat partner seems like a nice well rounded guy but we also have to throw in the Im a sleeze-ball as well factor. Ick- has anyone heard of AIDS in this book?

The end was appalling to me and (warning spoiler)…..I cannot read about a rape in the form of a positive experience, as Riley is being overcome and slowly killed with sex….she calls out to Kye who rescues her only to have his way with her in the same sentence…….WHAT….any parts of the book that I was liking to this point got blasted out the window. None of what happened to Riley was acceptable and for her character to be to the point of death but able to carry on with a new douche bag just soured my stomach.

So now that Im done ranting.....I can pull one positive out of the story and that was the love that Riley’s brother has for her and the sense of a true family they are trying to build.Looking past the sleeze you can see the connections of real family.......Although this is not my cup of tea and Id never recommend it and I won’t do any back reading, the writing style flowed well. Those of you who like the steamy paranormal or fans of Riley Jenson will enjoy.

2/5........Thanks to Bantam Dell for the Review Copy