Thursday, September 30, 2010

Infinite Days--Freatured Review

Infinite Days (Vampire Queen)
Lenah used to be a vampire. Rhode who has loved her for many years, gave her wish to make her human. With this ritual and with intent, she became human.

She is 16 year old girl who has finally awakened from a long sleep. She is at a boarding school called Wickham. Her best friend is Tony , who happens to be an artist. She have lived for many hundreds of years and is afraid of her coven coming after her.

She has been in love with two men : Rhode and Vicken for different reasons.

This is a different vamp book , and like that she is smart and different from other girls. I don't why she is attracted to the hottest guy on campus. I understand that they at boarding school ( pet peeve) and we are introduced to Justin's parents before they make out.

I understand that she has never done it as a human but did it as vamp. She has been taken back to England and turned back into vamp by Vicken . She is back with the coven and appears stronger and still has her soul. She is still dreaming about Rhode. Interesting what Vicken wants to be human too and still has that vampire bond with her.

It seems that all the men/boys are all in love with Lenah. I get that she is the main character but to have Justin, Tony, Vicken, and Rhode to all be in love with her was a bit much.

I found her transformation very glossed over and that she is able to have special abilities and still retained her soul from being human.

Justin her human boyfriend was okay but I was more interested in the past loves of Rhode and Vicken.

I did like the cliffhanger on this book and will most likely read the next book.

Book Review = 3/C

I bought this book and this is my Honest Review


yllektra (force-oblique) said...

This book is already in my to-read list!
Thanks so much for the review!