Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Infinite Days by Rebecca Maizel

Infinite Days by Rebecca Maizel
August 3rd 2010 by St. Martin's Griffin
Paperback, 310 Pages
Copy Won

Review Posted by Tina at Tinasbookreviews

Book Synopsis

Lenah Beaudonte is the new girl at a fancy Boarding School. Little things like fitting in with her classmates really come second after you've spent the last 500 years as a vampire, killing at random, terrorizing people and munching on babies. But Lenah has been given the change of a lifetime....can she make and fit her way back into humanity.... or will the moment come when she is overwhelmed by her weakness or overwhelmed by the coven she left behind.......


Fall into the world of dark romance, ruthless vampires, sacrificial love and oh yeah high school.........

Lenah a once powerful and feared vampire queen, has awoken to her new human life with the help of Rhode the vampire who made her in the 15th century when she was a young teenager. Having traded his life for hers Lenah has been given the chance to reclaim all the wonderful things she lost in her mortal death. During her reign as queen she was known for her ruthless murders, her vicious contempt for human life and her lust for another’s pain. Basically Lenah was pure evil and had no sympathy, no compassion and no traces of humanity. Regaining her humanity is awkward to say the least, while she has lost all of her vampire curse and most of her vampy powers she still retains the sight and the whole ESP next to me thing. Now enrolled at a private school, she must pass for a normal 16 year old girl, blending in the current modern day culture. But Lenah is watching the clock as well, watching the hours tick by to the day her coven will discover the secret and begin the hunt to track her down.

I really enjoyed this story, while it had its far share of sappy almost unrealistic teen romance centered around its young characters, Lenah and all the other vampires in the story were centuries old. The mix of ages gave the book an older appeal while still staying true to the YA market. I though Maizel’s writing was done well and gave us a unique character in Lenah- actually two characters, due to one was evil Lenah and one was good Lenah. I of course liked good Lenah, its not easy to accept a character who kills children, but she certainly redeems herself by the end. Told almost entirely through Lenah’s pov- we get the depth of her past through flashbacks, some terrible and murderous and some actually just sad…It was defiantly easy to see why Lenah was so miserable, who would want to live as a murderer, with the only desires for despair? The other thing surprising in this novel was the romance, not only do we get the potential hot guy verses the fun friend, we get the hot vampire verses my soul mate vampire and in each world the opposite lover wins. While I never really connected to her and Justin (nor were her and Tony ever going anywhere) I did realize the significance of the relationship. For me I felt the strongest bond was between her and Rhode, as it went through all facets of a relationship with the ultimate sacrifice in the end. Speaking of endings…this one has a cliffhanger sure to make your jaw drop. I cant wait to see what happens……..


Infinite Days while remaining free of graphic sexuality, doesn't shy away from teens engaging in sex, sexual encounters, romance, violence, blood lust, murder, mild language, themes such as spells, magic, and many
elements of the Wicca religion. Ive read some blogs out there comparing this to Twilight romance, and I would suggest this is far from Twilight- the sensuality is heightened and the overall messages are completely different. Recommended to mature teens- 16 and up.

3/4- YA Vampires