Tuesday, September 14, 2010

HBIC Review Masked by Moonlight- Nancy Gideon

Masked in Moonlight by Nancy Gideon

May 2010 by Pocket Books
Paperback, 375 Pages

Review Posted by Tina at TinasbookReviews
Book Synopsis

New Orleans homicide detective Charlotte Caissie is dedicated to bringing down the crime boss responsible for her father’s murder. Using Jimmy Legere’s mysterious and irresistible right-hand man is a dangerous gamble, and not only due to his reputation as more monster than man. Because her feelings for Max Savoie are . . . complicated. Rescued from the swamps as a child, Max exists silently in Legere’s shadow, heeding only his voice—until Charlotte Caissie awakens his emotions and tests his loyalties. Stepping outside his cautious rules threatens more than just his heart. He could expose his darkest secret. Testing boundaries they weren’t meant to cross means facing the truth about who and what they are—and what they need from each other. If Max is the murderer she seeks, Charlotte could be his next victim. She can’t afford to trust any man. Good thing Max isn’t one. (Goodreads)

What do you get when you take a tough chick that can deliver a deathly blow, has a tough exterior and can wear the deadliest shade of red lipstick and make it look good.....well you get Charlotte Caissie. Now my friends what do you get when you take a tall, dark, smoking hot assassin who can wear leather better than the animal it came from.....well you get Max Savoie. These two are just two hot for each other and they should of known any trip into romance valley would be the undoing of them both, but just like sizzling bacon always makes it to my plate, Max and Charlotte make it into each others arms. With a murderer on the loose killing your basic deadbeats, the two will find themselves at the very center of the murders and the very thing that links them together.

The world of Moonlight was a dark, well created plotline that kept me on the edge of my seat until the end. The chemistry in the novel however, defiantly worked for a fiction setting.....BUT.....I couldn't buy the relationship realistically, I tend to agree with my comrade Parajunkee on this one and cant see this happening in real-life, minus the fact that Max was a werewolf, he was deeply entangled in high crime and murder, while Charlotte was a lead detective and police officer. I'm sure somewhere the written rule is never get sexually or emotionally involved with the criminal or lead suspect in a case. Regardless though, it worked well for Charlotte and Max, having similar pasts, each coming from a traumatic experience that changed both their lives, the two had connections that made sense and the draw was easy to connect to in its paranormal setting. While Charlotte is deeply committed to her job as a detective, Max is deeply committed to Jimmy, the man who saved him as a child. And while Charlotte jumps the gun a bit (handcuffing a werewolf for example) and Max always seems to be running away- the whole enchilada just wrapped these two in a mess of tangled emotions, betrayal to their jobs and sketchy futures.The murders, crime and suspense all played backseat compared to the love roller coaster Gideon threw me on. Even though from a reality standpoint I couldn't see a couple like this making it, somehow Max and Charlotte pulled it off. Gideon's writing was sharp and highly engrossing. I became immediately sucked in the world of Moonlight and loved every minute of it.

Masked by Moonlight is recommended to adults only. Contains graphic language, violence, murder, blood and gore, explicit sexuality, paranormal themes and smoking hot abs........

3/3- PNR- Werewolves