Tuesday, August 31, 2010

When Blood Calls --Featured Reviewer

When Blood Calls
This is my first time reading this author and this is the first book in the series.

Ryan Doyle is in the FBI in the supernatural division through Homeland security. Luke is powerful vamp in the city of LA and picks up Sara and has a one night stand with her. Sara get a promotion with the DA office and then is moved to the Paranormal division. Sara first case to prosecute is Luke Dragos for murder of a werewolf judge .

There were so many points of views --it was a bit tough in the beginning to keep track of all the characters. I had to write notes of who was who and what kind of paranormal they were in this book.

Sara was thrust into this world after one day and has to figure out if Luke is innocent or not. Through out the book she was swooning over him, and then the next minute she didn't want to be attracted to a vampire. She was sending mixed signals and I for one got tired of it. Sara's father was killed by a vampire many years ago. Luke wants to continue to have a relationship with her and is surprised when she becomes a DA. Luke seemed to have many plans in place, so clue clue if romancing the DA was part of it.

Luke and Ryan also have some bad blood between them ,and want to know more of why they so dislike each other. Luke also has a ward Tasha who isn't all there . It was interesting to see how this world is setup and all the many paranormals in this book. This book also dealt with some serious issues from killing kids or doing naughty things with them. It was interesting to get an idea of their thoughts but as a parent, its not something I want to read about in a book.

Many people through out the book are trying to keep their Daemon at bay and fight the blood lust, and hearing about it reminded me of a drinking game. I loved all the twists and turns with all the characters and talking about events being Black or White or Grey.

 I was curious of all the romancing of Sara was all of Luke's plan B. I didn't completely trust him at time and for me the reader that's good.

Overall I liked this world and loved the hot romance between Luke and Sara. I hope the next book is about Ryan.

Book Review=4/B

Thanks to the author for the book and this is my Honest Review


Felicia the Geeky Blogger said...

This is on my shelf and the next book I read. I would have read it sooner but my mom stole and just got it back to me LOL. She loved it said it was very unique---so I am really looking forward to it :)