Monday, August 30, 2010

Faith Revisited by Madelyn Ford

Faith Revisited by Madelyn Ford
Review copy provided by author in exchange for an honest review.

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PJVs QUICKIE POV: Reminiscent of the Black Dagger Brotherhood, Ford immediately sucked me into her stunning world of fallen angels, club owning vampires -- and nasty demons that are ever present and on a mission to spread hate and discontent. Ford titillated me with a wonderfully sexy novel that had me from page one.

REVIEW: Faith and Hope, born of a vampire father, a very powerful vampire father, are on the cusp of their change. Unbeknowst to their over-protective father they hunt demons. They are hunting a nasty one that has taken a liking to killing women in their neighborhood. When engaging this demon a very powerful demon that they are unable to defend themselves against, appears and they know they are about to die.

Bale a fallen angel, from the race known as the Grigori rushes to the rescue of what he thinks are two human women. What he finds is much more. He takes the women back to the Grigori compound, because Faith has been infected with a deadly poison and he finds himself immediately possessive of her. He refuses to let her leave his room and even allows her to feed off of him as the change quickly over-takes her because of the poison. Though it is immediately obvious that Faith is Bale's mate, both are in complete denial, but as they try to distance themselves from each other complications arise.

The entire relationship with Bale and Faith is very deep and intense. Bale is your typical old-world Alpha male. Faith is your very progressive 21st century female, together they clash...but clash good. I found the relationship real and very sexy. I wanted a Bale of my own. Sometimes I did find that their stereotypical roles did get a bit overwhelming, but this is my usual problem with Alpha ruled PNRs. While I think aggressively over-powering men are sexy, they can be a bit much at some point. I did like that Bale called Faith "baby" instead of some insipidly derogatory pet name like "little one."

On top of it they are surrounded by all these other hot Fallen Angels and Faith's twin that you know will just star in their own book, can't wait to read those!

Overall a great read, and I can't wait to read more from Madelyn Ford!

RECOMMENDATIONS: PNR fans. Black Dagger Brotherhood junkees. Adults only, there is a lot of biting, nipping and sucking ;)

BWB Rating 3/4


mbreakfield said...

Oh, this book sounds good. I like fallen angel heroes.

Felicia the Geeky Blogger said...

Oh this sounds like a series to be checked out. I loved BDB! Do you know if it is more romantic like the Lara Adrian series?

Madelyn Ford said...

Stepping out of my cave to say thanks for the review. Just finished Gab and Ari's story so I'm taking a break before hitting book 4 of this series.
And Felicia, Faith Revisited is a romance. Whether it's more romantic like Lara Adrian's work (love her by the way) I couldn't say. I'm terrible at comparing myself to other writers. And while I have not read all of Ward's BDB, from what I understand (judging by things my crit partner has said), Faith Revisited is more similar to her early works than her later. By then I'm a terrible judge so some else might be able to give you a better answer, lol.