Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Questions? Tell Us What You Think!

Blog with Bite would like to make things more user friendly. Tell us what you think on the matter.

Submit Review:

Thinking of switching up the SUBMIT REVIEW way of doing things. What do you guys think? Do you like the Google Doc version, or would you like a Mr. Linky sign-up?  I think the Mr. Linky might make it easier -  you could just click the links right there.  But of course, I don't use the submit review so it up to you guys of course.

Top Reviewer:
When we held contests involving Top Reviewer did you find this a fun added benefit, or was it too competitive? Should we just stick to the random giveaways, or did you like having your reviews up for a harsher critique? Basically do you want to do this again, or can it, we've had enough?

Solicited Author Feature & Giveaway:
Does everyone like this feature between our group reviews? Is there something you would like to see more of? Our next featured week is going to be Assassin's Week can you think of any really good UF, PNR, Sci-Fi, or Fantasy novel/series that have Assassin's as their main characters?

Discussion Questions for Birthmarked:
Have you read Birthmarked yet? Would you like to contribute a discussion question? I would love to include your question in our discussion questions. Think about a good question, you can submit it to me at any time.

Book Suggestions:
Any book suggestions for June? I would also like to hear some book suggestions for the June polls which are coming up soon.

Our requirements for a BWB book:
Has to be 1st in series or a stand-alone companion
It has to have been released for at least a month by June 1
We do not group review the erotica genre

Thanks everyone, your input is greatly appreciated.  Please leave your discussions in the comment sections so we might spark up a back and forth discussion on the topics above that everyone can chime in on.  But, if you have something to say that you would like to keep private, I have included an Anonymous form through google, nothing can be tracked through that form. Thanks so much!


My 5 Monkeys(Julie) said...

thanks for trying to make it user friendly

Wings said...

hmmm, I love the way we submit reviews now, it keeps it all clean and you only have the one button to find.

I love the top reviewer, it doesn't feel competitive, but it urges me to create a really good review, i try to do that all the time, but on average five extra minutes gets spent on BWB reviews because there is a chance for recognition.

Author features and giveaways? meh, they're US only so I don't bother with them too much. I do like reading the reviews though.