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Assassin's Honor by Monica Burns

Assassin's Honor by Monica Burns
Posted by Tina @ Tinasbookreviews

June 2010 by Penguin/Berkley
Paperback, 352 pages
Review Copy

Memorable Quote

Like Lake Michigan during a storm, the deep blue of his eyes echoed with a mysterious, dark danger..........Pg. 26


Emma Zale, an archaeologist with a special talent to visualize the history of a relic makes a discovery that will validate the existence of an ancient order of people, called the Sicari. But during the discovery her mentor and friend Charlie is murdered and all eyes are on Emma. Soon after the murder Emma meets Ares and life as she knew it………over……….

The Sicari want the ancient relic but so do The Praetorian, the Sicari’s enemy. Ares does his best to protect Emma but after she is attacked by a man in mysterious robes, she flees to Ares and The Sicari.

I loved that this PNR did not have vampires and wolves….I loved that Ares and Emma were not immortals but regular people with special gifts. Ares has special powers with telekinesis, but doesn’t have any creature characteristics. Also along with intense drama to deal with, Emma and Ares realize almost immediately the attraction to one another. The author lets their tension and chemistry build to almost mid-point of the book before the two finally let their towels er…guards down and fully fall for each other. I loved the relationship between these two and thought hotness aside their romance was sweet and genuine. I mean of course this was a steamy romance, but romance aside most of the book focused on mystery, suspense and the world of the Sicari rather than be bogged down with raunchy sex scenes. I must say, I really enjoyed the writing and the mystery. The combination of adventure, mystery and hot romance will be sure to please any PNR fan out there!!!


Assassin’s Honor contains- graphic erotic sexuality, murder, violence, graphic language, intense action scenes that rock and adult content. Recommended to adults.

BWB -3/4- PNR-Assassin's
A Special Thanks to Monica Burns for Review Copy


Cecile said...

Great review! I have seen this book float around in blog land and you have definitely peeked my interest!
Hope all is well!

ParaJunkee said...

We on a roll with some good reviews. I really liked this one because it wasn't just a romance with a paranormal creature like some PNRs seem to be. This was an actual plot driven book with a steamy romance as lagniappe.

Anonymous said...

lagi what?

ParaJunkee said...

Lagniappe - pronounced LAN-yap - a little something extra, usually used in terms of merchant to customer. Sorry my New Orleans was poking out ;)