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HBIC Review Bitten by Kelley Armstrong

Bitten by Kelley Armstrong

September 2004 by Plume (first published 2001)
Paperback, 436 pages
Purchased/ Blog with Bite Selection
Review Posted by Tina @ Tinasbookreviews

My first taste of Kelley Armstrong came a few months ago when I read her short story in Evolve based on a character from one of her Otherworld series. I was interested in reading her other works and Bitten did not disappoint. With its sharp writing and entertaining plot line, I found myself a new PNR novelist to love.

Elena after fleeing the pact and having a serious case of "he violated me issues" seems to be content living with her mediocre boyfriend, having a daytime career and prowling as a wolf in the middle of the night, that is until trouble strikes. With the craziness breaking loose and a string of murders going unsolved and the pack she ran away from threatened, she returns by overpowering instincts to help out.

The pack soon realizes they are up against a "mutt" pack and when the battle begins, Elena finds herself in a war over power, greed and testosterone fueled wolves fighting over property including her. I actually loved the story with the wolves fighting over the one female. You cant help but think (even though Elena knew who she belonged to) a big group of men fighting over you had to boost the know...I also loved the story between Clay and Elena and I think underneath the betrayal and angry feelings she had for him, she couldn't deny the love either. The dynamic between them defiantly sizzled throughout the thrilling plot line. The mutts as well I thought were interesting to read about. Each one who was human before without the hereditary gene bore evilness, a few serial killers, couple pedophiles, a nice icky mix of men who you wouldn't want creeping around your house at night. I'm excited to continue Armstrong's series and travel to her YA series as well.


A fun, thrilling PNR to sink your teeth into.Recommended for adults. Violence. language, sex, frightening themes and gore tangled with a range of everyday human feelings like betrayal, anger, jealousy and lots of testosterone!!

3/4- PNR, Werewolves

BWB Discussion Questions

1.Let's talk relationships. What did you think of Elena's relationship with Philip? Were her feelings for him genuine? Why or why not? I think they were mixed, I think Elena loved the idea of Philip, I think she wanted to hold onto every aspect of human life without wolf tendencies and that included a human clueless boyfriend. He was a nice character just not Clay..........

2.Keeping secrets from someone you love, is it being true to yourself? Elena was hiding out in Toronto and away from the Pack. Did this make Elena a stronger character or whiny? At first it could seem whiny...but Elena felt very violated and betrayed by being bitten. I think she needed the time hiding out to realize who she was and how her life was going to change.

3.Kelley Armstrong's werewolves lean more towards the traditional side of the wolf legend. What "were" type are you? Do you enjoy the pain riddled, desiring human flesh werewolves like the Wolfman or the intensely scary wolves like in the movie Silver Bullet or do you prefer painless shifters that keep a majority of human and other light PNR novels? When I try connecting to a wolf character I think the more light shifter, the kind featured in Twilight or even Maggie Stiefvater's Shiver work better for me. I liked that Armstrong's central pack still carried somewhat human control. The scary one's who just want to eat people come off as complete monsters, which are good for a scare but not to connect to in a book. BTW Silver Bullet scared the crap out of me when I was a kid and watched it.....when it was the priest....ahhhhhhh.......

4.Could you forgive the man you loved if he were to BITE you like what occurred with Elena?
hmmmmm...I think over time I could. And I think when it was all said and done Clay really didn't mean to hurt Elena, he loves her. I'm a big sap- I think love can conquer all-


Emily said...

I definitely agree about Clay biting Elena- if anything I think it was bound to happen sooner or later and illustrated that unless they were both on the same side of the fence, so to speak, there would always be this danger to overcome.