Thursday, June 17, 2010

Settle Around the Camp Fire with BWB

We are featuring the Shadow Series by Erin Kellison this week at the #BWB. And what better way to celebrate all this ghoulish and wraithlike -- a camp fire!

It's story-time at #BWB.   You are welcome to settle in, grab the marshmallows, and add your own story to the line-up. We want to hear your scariest camp fire story.

Here is Tinas:
Things That Go Bump in The Night

We’ve all felt it….that creepy feeling running down our spine…that little glimpse of something out of the corner of our eye. What if you saw something though that made you question your sanity…???  The second scariest thing that has ever happened to me falls between reality and maybe just a figment of my imagination.

I was 20 yrs old, just married and had a two year old, we had just moved into our first apartment and my husband was working third shift. It was late probably around 2 in the morning and finally after filling my head with frightening Stephen King stories, wondered off to bed….(rule number one don’t read scary stories before bed if your alone)……..

It took awhile to settle my brain down but I soon drifted into broken sleep. In the midst of in and out waking, you know that stage you’re in when you feel like your asleep yet still conscious, I suddenly got this overwhelming feeling that I wasn’t alone and that someone was staring at me. I was terrified, I didn’t even want to look near the door but knew I had no choice..... with the covers tightly around my head I peaked my face out into the hallway and sure enough there was an outline of a man in my doorway. In that instant I was paralyzed with fear ( I would be the first one dead in a horror movie) I couldn’t even scream or say anything I felt completely numb, the only thing running through my head was my baby in the next room…….It was the absolute fear of not being able to protect her or myself against some deranged killer.

The scariest part was the stillness and the facial features I could not make out, it was dark in my apartment but I should have been able to see his face with the nightlight in the hallway. After what seemed like an endless minute I shut my eyes tight willing the man to go away and when I opened my eyes he was gone…..It took me a moment to get my body to move, but  when adrenaline kicked in I flew to my baby’s room, where she was save and sound asleep…..the next  step was walking out into the living room and kitchen…I turned on every single light- my bedroom, bathroom, hallway even the laundry room….I grabbed an iron thinking I would use it as a weapon if I needed one but once I made it to the living room the apartment looked normal…that is until I saw the front door…………which was wide OPEN!!!!

To this day I’ll never know if it was a real man standing there watching me sleep or if it was my subconscious telling me to wake up and shut the door…..if it was the ridiculous scary story I had read or just maybe something else with no face……..

Julie's Story:

I was young girl, and my sisters and I made Ouija board out of cardboard. I think that we were around Middle school age. We knew it wasn't good to be playing with things unknown. So a couple times we did play with it and ask it questions like who are going to marry and where are we going to meet them? Is this boy at school in love with me. General kid stuff.

Well one time we were playing with it and something different happened.... I did ask who I was going to marry and it actually said my DH's name ( Jim)...I kid you not. Then it said I was going to meet him at Pop goes the Idaho..that didn't happen. But I had my curling iron plugged in and not on..but during that time, the curling iron was turned...and no one had touched it. After that, we tossed the home made Ouija  board into the garbage can and never played with it again.

Thanks Julie & Tina for sharing your scary stories! I have goosebumps.  Eek. Tune in tomorrow for the rest of the gang chiming in...and if you want to share your stories leave it in the comments, or if you want me to post them tomorrow, email them to me at parajunkee at

Happy Hauntings, and don't forget to enter the two contests running for the Shadow Series by Erin Kellison...and the 500 Followers Contest.

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Anonymous said...

Dude Tina, I was freaked for you. Eeek, man.

Melissa said...

Great stories. Loved those. :)

Erin said...

Wow, oh WOW scary, ladies. I had one Ouiji experience at a slumber party, and it too freaked me out.

A brief story of my own:

I have a very, very long memory. My first scary experience was when I was three years old. I lived in this perfectly normal-seeming house. The house had a spooky attic that I remember the other kids making a fuss over. But it didn't scare me at all. No, the room that scared me was my sister's bedroom, at the end of the hall. It was a pretty room with a sloping ceiling. The 'prettiest' room in the house. But I remember standing in the hallway looking toward the room and being so scared I couldn't move, could barely breathe. There was something wrong about that room, something bad. And at three, I really don't think I had any kind of context to 'imagine' the intensity of feeling I experienced. I hated passing it on the way to the bathroom and would even dart by as fast as I could. Years later, one of my sisters confirmed that there was something about that room that she didn't like either.

Anyone else ever had an experience like that?

Anonymous said...

ohhh freaky...theres nothing like a room that sends chills down your spine, I think Ive felt that a few times in peoples houses, not so much Im scared feeling but an eerie feeling of something is off........hmmm it makes you wonder sometimes if our eyes are vieled from seeing a spiritual world

stacey said...

Cool stories.I had stuff like that happen to me two.I live in two Hounted Houses.One time the power went of and on the all the coberds in the kitchen open and closed when i was was strange and i live true a hole lot more.

PS.My Spelling Sucks.

定治定治 said...

Never put off till tomorrow what may be done today...................................................................

Spellboundbybooks Melissa said...

Great Stories. Definitely up there in the spook factor.