Monday, June 14, 2010

Everything You Wanted to Know About Blog With Bite, But Were Afraid to Ask...

Rachel, Tina, Julie and I (Emily) want to take this opportunity to welcome all of our new followers here at Blog With Bite! We're so excited that you've decided to join us and we really hope you sign up to participate in our reviews and other events.

Because we're so lucky to have reached so many people as followers, we wanted to take a minute to answer some questions that come up frequently about Blog with Bite:

Q. Should I put a Blog with Bite banner in my review?

A. Short answer? Yes! Putting a Blog with Bite banner in your review qualifies you for consideration as a Top Reviewer. You can get a banner by clicking on "Get a Banner" under our header- there are a bunch to choose from!

Q. What does it mean if I'm selected as a Top Reviewer?

A. Well, it means you're awesome, for one! It also means you get a fun badge to display on your site if you so choose, and Blog with Bite has done giveaways and other fun events that were only open to Top Reviewers.

Q. How do I suggest a book for the polls each month?

A. Click on our Suggest a Book tab! The information goes right to Tina, who compiles the list of potential choices each month. Let your voice be heard!

Q. Who are the HBIC and what do they do?

A. How kind of you to ask!
-Rachel is our website guru and design extraordinaire who also handles most of our interactions with authors and publicists.
-Tina is in charge of finding the dirt on excellent books for us to read as a group, and she also finds the best deals on the books!
-Emily (that's me!) posts the polls and information on book choices each month. I also post stuff like this and other general BWB information from time to time.

Q. Who's Julie?

A. Julie is a Featured Reviewer who's been kind enough to offer her ideas and input to us to help us make Blog with Bite better for everyone! She's been a member since day one and knows the ropes as well as anyone.

Q. Well, you convinced me- I want to join the fun! What events are coming up on Blog with Bite?

A. Our next week-long feature is for SPIRITS AND DEATHLY HAUNTINGS WEEK and stars Shadow Bound by Erin Kellison. If you'd like to join in and participate, please email Rachel at parajunkee at gmail dot com. Check out the Blog with Bite Calendar here!


Missie said...

Great Q&A! It is nice to know you all work so hard to make this site fun for everyone!

I love the feature weeks! They are great! I'm still trying to build up the courage to participate, but I've found so many good books through this site! Thanks so much!