Monday, March 29, 2010

HBIC Review The Iron King

The Iron King by Julia Kagawa

Posted by Tina @ Tinasbookreviews

February-2010 by Harlequin Teen
Paperback, 363 pages

Memorable Quote

I touched the place where his fingers had brushed my skin, giddy and terrified at the same time.“Careful human…………Do not lose your heart to a faery prince. It never ends well.
Pg.178 (stated by Grimalkin)


So let’s talk about one of the best YA faerie novels out there.

Superb writing, amazing plot, defined characters and easy to fall-in-love-with princes and that’s just the beginning of this original highly enjoyable read.

Meghan’s story begins with the backdrop of the usual average gal making her way through high school amongst the rich and snobby-she has no friends besides the company of Robbie another loner who lives nearby. With the ache of loneliness surrounding her The Iron King actually starts off a bit gloomy.

Gloom quickly turns into scary, as Kagawa’s descriptions slowly pull the reader into a dark side of the fae and its counterparts. Meghan defiantly knows things in the world aren’t right when Ethan her cute little brother rips his stuffed bunny’s head off and mistakes her leg for a drumstick.

Enter Robbie- who rescues Meghan from the leg-eating monster that is actually a changeling standing in for the real Ethan who has been kidnapped and taken into faery world. Robbie informs her that he is actually a faery named Puck (the Puck!) who was sent by her Faery Father Oberon of the Summer Court, to be her protector and take her back to Nevernever when the time came. And the time certainly has come for Meghan Chase.

On a mission to rescue Ethan, Robbie and Meghan head into Nevernever and embark on an adventure sure to pull you in and under its spell. On a race to save her brother, Meghan is thrown some bones to chew on- one she’s trapped in Oberon’s Court – the Summer Queen (Oberon’s wife) has a huge grudge against her and of course falling in love with a winter prince out to kill you could dampen anyone spirits.

I loved every minute of The Iron King and thought Kawaga’s brilliant mind brought all of us “Faerie fans” a unique and entertaining story. The world created in this story felt like Alice in Wonderland to me, and perhaps it’s because I just saw the movie so it wasent hard to picture the similar worlds, only Nevernever had a much more sinister feel than the whimsical aspects of Wonderland. Highly recommended to all of those who love the Fae and the magical world of fantasy.
4/4 YA Faeries

BWB Discussion Questions:

1. What did you think of the feud between Puck and Ash? How do you think that might play out in the next two books? I loved the feud- it gave the book the "boy fighting over girl aspect". For sure a love triangle but Im hoping Meghan ends up with Ash.

2. Favorite scene or line from the book? Could you relate to any of the characters? I think my favorite scene was when Ash and Meghan dance and talk face-to-face for the first time. I related to Meghan on a girl level- but I think my favorite character had to be Grimalkin- he cracked me up!!

3. With whom did you identify with the most? And Why? For sure Meghan, and only because she was going through normal reactions. I liked her because she was a strong character but so graceful.

4. Did you find the concept behind the Iron King- being a technology fueled modern day faerie- original or unbelievable? Very Original!! I thought the concept was new and fun.

5. Kagawa used a lot of mythical faeries in The Iron King, such as King Oberon, Queen Mab and Puck. Which fae from myth would you have liked to have seen added into the pages of The Iron King besides the ones she used? None- I think the use of mythical fae is a toss up- I don't have any one's I favor.