Sunday, March 14, 2010

HBIC Review-First Drop of Crimson by Jeaniene Frost

First Drop of Crimson by Jeaniene Frost posted by Tina

First Drop of Crimson by Jeaniene Frost
Avon Mass Market Paperback, 371 pages

Book Synopsis:

The night is not safe for mortals. Denise MacGregor knows all too well what lurks in the shadows - her best friend is half-vampire Cat Crawfield - and she has already lost more than the average human could bear. But her family's dark past is wrapped in secrets and shrouded in darkness - and a evil shapeshifter has marked Denise as prey. Now her survival depends on an immortal who craves a taste of her.

He is Spade, a powerful, mysterious vampire who has walked the earth for centuries and is now duty-bound to protect this endangered, alluring human - even if it means destroying his own kind. Denise may arouse his deepest hungers, but Spade knows he must fight his urge to have her as they face the demon nightmare together... Because once the first drop of crimson falls, they will both be lost.


Well this was my second Jeannine Frost book and I must say, I was pleasantly surprised. I know I might have missed out on big back stories but I felt as a new reader, it wasn’t hard to put things together and enjoy the story for what it was. I’ve only read Halfway to the Grave so yes some spoilers are in First Drop of Crimson, but nothing that would stop me from reading the previous series.

After the murder of her husband almost a year ago, Denise Macgregor has done everything to distance herself from the paranormal world. But when evil rears its ugly head and Denise is left with a major branding problem she'll have to call upon friends she never planned to see again. Desperate for help and with Cat and Bones on the other side of the world, Denise's only hope comes from Spade, a master vampire and previous character from Frost’s prior books. Spade who at first is reluctant to get involved in the tangled mess that is Denise, quickly changes his tune when the sparks between them begin to fly.

Spade can't imagine the way his life will turn upside down as he begins to search for the missing family member, Nathaniel, who is responsible for Denise’s family ordeal. Not only is he protecting her from a demon, but he also discovers Denise is suffering PTSD over the death of her husband. Only as the two travel to Europe in search of answers do they discover how dangerous Denise’s situation is and how much alike they really are.

The story shifts between Denise and Spades perspectives and although Denise seemed whinny at times, with her mixed feelings and self-doubt, Spade made up for her as the dynamic character. The romantic aspects between the two of them developed very nicely and by the time we get to the climatic point of their relationship, the reader and the a-hem characters are defiantly ready.

This is smut with a capital S…but I loved it. I thought the mix of good writing with suspense, paranormal and humorous side characters brought an enjoyable read for any PR lover or newbie into the genre.

And for everyone who has read this..........................this one's for you Denise!!!!!!!

3/4 -PNR

BWB Discussion Questions

1.Denise and Spades chemistry sparks more than a firecracker on the 4rth of July. Did you like the chemistry between them and did you feel the development of the relationship work?
I thought the development was just right! The timing made sense, they both needed a bit to fall-in love and nothing felt rushed or unbelievable. They for sure had hot chemistry but after a while Denise with all the oh, maybe he likes me got on my nerves.......

2.Have you read the Cat & Bones series? Denise is such a different (wimpier) character than Cat... did that make a difference to you?
I read the first one, and hate to admit, I thought it was borderline cheesy. Denise is whinny but I think she showed to be a tough gal in the end of the book.

3.LIGHTNING ROUND. Identify your top three favorite PNR series. "There are too many!" is not an answer. Neither is more than three. Name the top three. Ready.....go!
I really liked this book- Id say my favorite PNR so far........I also liked The League Trilogy by Sherrilyn Kenyon and Gena Showalter's Lords of the Underworld.

4. Sizzle or Fizzle?
Sizzle for sure!!