Monday, December 14, 2009

Winner of Blue Aspen!

Blog with Bite Winner of Bound to Shadows!

Not the greatest of contest turnouts, but with all the extra points you could rack up for this one, we actually had 101 entries. Our first entry was actually the winner with picking the #7 and our first entry had 19 entries - so those extra points do work!

Through the use of we have our Blue Aspen Winner. Congrats!

Julie @ My 5 Monkeys

Please expect an email shortly.  Reply within 48 hours to claim your book.

On a contest note, Blog with Bite has been hosting contests in between all of the group reviews.  Since the next in-between lines up the week of Christmas, we are going to skip that week, holding off the next BWB contest until the beginning of the year.  We will keep you posted!


Book Whisperer said...

Congrats, Julie!!

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