Thursday, December 17, 2009

Some Girls Bite Discussion Questions

  1. Obviously the issues of social status and class are used in this story, do you feel Merit is above the simplistic ideology in this book, or is she the typical character: shuns away from the idea of being better than others but loves her status, in both the vampire and human worlds?
  2. What motivations do you believe pushed Amber to behave the way she did? Her cattiness seemed rather shallow, but could it only be cattiness that had her acting the way she did in the end?
  3. Do you see a House of her own in Merit's future?
  4. Which vamp are you hoping Merit ends up with?


Star Shadow said...

1. I believe Merit is independant, she obviously doesn't believe shes better than others in the real world, obviously from her relationship with her father. However, where she is considered strong etc and higher in knowledge than expected that in the vampire world in the future she may think shes better than others.

2. I think they properly fitted Amber as the insecure person, the one that has to worry about every point of her relationship, especially around a new woman, kind of in a cattiness/Mark of Territory

3. It is possible, especially if other houses have a really fast loss or media issue, especially if one of the houses needs to be broken down due to irresponsible actions.

4. I am not sure about this one to be honest, One way Ethan and the passion they have.. but that would blow up into a mess... I am kinda hoping another new vamp shows up causing a big love quarrel.