Tuesday, December 8, 2009

HBIC Review on Blue Aspen by Tina

Blue Aspen by Tenaya Jayne: Posted by Tina at Tinasbookreviews

If you want to read the synopsis of this book....you can scroll down and watch the book trailer, enter the contest and browse the back cover synop....

ALERT...ALERT, fantastic book coming at you!!!!...............
I’m wondering what words can describe all the different emotions I went through reading this very intense page turner: let me see how about…, intrigued, freaked out, sad, angry, giddy, oh whatever and last but not least.......GASP, oh no he isn’t!!!!!!

When Dulcee arrives at Uncle Jacks it’s unreal. The prologue alludes to a dark, gothic feel but the magical atmosphere slowly pulls the reader into a world of madness. The house itself is like an entire character complete with indoor pool, library, greenhouse, bowling alley and her own giant master bedroom featuring a huge a** fireplace. What’s a girl not to love! Even with its castle like charms, and backdrop of winter; roaming the house with Dulcee made me feel its intense isolation and the vast loneliness seeped off the pages, no wonder a person could go mad. Just when the reader thinks Dulcee is being stalked by demon shadows in walks Vincent. .........A dark and mysterious Vincent romances Dulcee, he heals her heart, helps her sleep and has sexy blue eyes. I found it difficult to experience the romance between these two because frankly Vincent thoroughly freaked me out!! Vincent is seen largely in the dream world but he’s able to manifest into Dulcee’s reality. He comes off the page as a gentleman but underneath he is a dark predator. I was thinking the whole time “Oh Dulcee ……RUN”!!!!

Once we dive into the second part of the book we are introduced to Dr. Verell where the story gets even more mysterious. I was on the edge of my seat shifting between Dr. Verell and Dulcees perspectives. Once I thought I had it figured out... something would throw me off. Leaving me with that hmmmm feeling, I was seriously guessing until the last page. I think my favorite aspect of the book was the fact that Vincent is as much a mystery to us as he was to Dulcee, and Jayne keeps the reader wound tight with his identity.......until the very last words written on the page Vincent remains a conundrum . When I finally after all the emotion of Blue Aspen read who he was I shouted.....NO WAY.........I had no clue, even with the hints the author gives!!

The only negative that I’m sure will be said for some is the issue of unresolved issues, we don’t get a lot of info on Dulcee’s background. We see only glimpses of some side plots with her uncle, the murdered father and aunt………not to mention what the heck is up with Dr. Verell????? I normally don’t like unresolved issues but I think it really worked for this book, the story with Dulcee and Vincent is so sharp we really don’t need the answers to make connections. Im hoping Ms. Jayne uses these side characters for future stories.

I loved crawling and spiraling into Dulcee’s madness. It was beautifully written and well throughout. A savvy new author whose haunting words are not to be missed!!

Thanks to Tenaya Jayne for the review copy and for the opportunity to meet Dulcee and Vincent!
BWB Score 4/4 Dark Romance, Mental Illness,