Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Nevery Cry Werewolf Review by Bookwhisperer

Never Cry Werewolf Review by BWB Hostess at The Bookwhisperer
Author: Heather Davis
Reading Level: Young Adult
Bookwhisperer Rating: 3 Stars (Good)

My initial surprise about Never Cry Werewolf came at the bookstore, when I picked it up and realized it had a little over 200 pages. Needless to say I finished this book quick, fast, and in hurry. Books with less pages mean that the story has to have a quicker pace, and usually means that the author has cut corners in places such as character building and plot growth. This being said, I was aware before page 1 that this book would have some disadvantages. Regardless in the end, I still enjoyed this book. I think that with the disadvantages that I addressed the author presented a entertaining read, that is perfect for the age group which was intended. While I probably would not read this book again, I would say that it recommendable for a quick and easy read.