Monday, September 21, 2009

Discussion Questions

Q#1 - What do you think about stereotypical characters? Do characters like "Honey bun" - the evil stepmother & Shelby - the teen acting out, bother you, or are you accepting of them?

Q#2 - How did you feel about the immediate attraction and relationship between Shelby and Austin? Do you think it worked in this story or not?

Q#3 - What did you think about the attempts the camp staff made to connect with Shelby? Were they at all effective? Did the staff have a point in their position on her personal life?

Q#4 - What is your opinion on parents who send their kids to reformation camps - the ones who need to be "reformed" and the ones who don't?

Q#5 - Do you wish there would have been a bit more mystery regarding Austin being a werewolf, letting us get to know his character first and then the big reveal?

Q#6 - Do you think this novel has enough momentum for a sequel? There was some hinting at the possibility (the scratch), do you think this would be a good follow-up?