Thursday, September 17, 2009

Blog with Bite (BWB) Guidelines

Before you read the guidelines here are the acronyms that are used:

BWB - Blog with Bite
HBIC - Head Bloggers In Charge
SUD - Sign up Deadline
CB - Current Book

  1. On the date of the review deadline, all bloggers must post the review to the current book on their own blog site.  Please use the blog that you cited in sign-up so the HBICs can find you. Use the contact form on the BWB site to let the HBIC know where your review is taking up residence.
  2. Within the post, place the This Review Bites...Blog with Bite banner, or if you are unable to post a banner, place a text link that directs to the Blog with Bite site. Get the banners and code HERE.
  3. Discussion questions will be posted on the BWB blog site on the the SUD, once you have completed the book, we ask that you answer these questions and email them to the HBIC referenced on the post. You are free to post your answers to these questions on your own blog site, but they will also be posted on the BWB site.  Discussion questions are designed to make you think about the novel you just read and to incite conversation topics regarding the novel.  
  4. The day after the review deadline, the next book will be posted, along with the deadlines.  A new MrLinky sign-up will also go into effect.  The only members that will be automatically signed up for the next event are HBICs.
  5. The day after review deadline the Top Reviewers will also be chosen and subsequent awards given.  The Top Reviewers are chosen by each HBIC, there will be as many as 5 and as little as 1, depending on whom the HBIC have nominated.  If two or more HBIC nominate the same blogger, they have the option of making a second choice, or just awarding the initial choice a secondary nomination.  Top Reviewers will be chosen for their writing skills, honest opinions and depth.  The top reviews will be posted on the BWB blog site, along with the discussion topics.  Bloggers names and urls will be cited after every comment, and top reviews.
  6. HBICs reviews will also be posted on the BWB blog site, but the Top Reviews will be the prominent listings.
  7. The BWB "Big" Banner inclusion requirements:
    1. Founding Members will be listed, until an event is not participated in. If notice is not given to an HBIC the name will be removed.
    2. Legacy members - participate in 10 back to back events. Legacy members will be removed after not participating in 3 events.
    3. HBIC members
  8. Awards  
    1. Top Reviewer Award
    2. Legacy Award - Participate in 10 back to back BWB events


Julie said...

these are great. thanks for all the hard work and making all these guidelines- julie

Book Chick City said...

Never Cry Werewolf is not out in the UK yet, so I can't participate this time. Is there any chance we can choose future picks that are out both in the US and the UK? :)

Pixie said...

I joined yesterday- can I start with the next book?

ParaJunkee said...

Of course guys, you can start on the next go round. We are trying for new releases, which unfortunately are harder to track down. I don't see UK release date for COVET - does anyone know????

Book Chick City said...

Hi, Covet is released in the UK 1st Oct. :)

Mandy said...

These look great! Do we have any guidelines for the review other than putting in one of the banners? I can't seem to find any anywhere, but thought I might have seen some at some point. Or I'm going insane...which is entirely possible this week.

Julie said...

i know you are all busy...where are the discussion questions for the book and or next book? I was able to put a pic on my review but don't know how to link it back to the site. Working on the review now before the deadline.

Falling Off The Shelf said...

I'm hoping to hit the bookstore so I can participate with Never Cry Werewolf! I'm going to have to crack down on reading it quickly, but that shouldn't be a problem since I have off :)

ParaJunkee said...

Hi guys! There are no specific rules for your reviews. Just write them like you would normally write a review. Be clear, concise and creative and it should go over well...and also be honest. We don't want to hear a lot of "It was greats". The banners are located here { BANNERS

You can also find them by clicking the link on top that says GRAB THE BANNERS.

brizmus said...

Cool! This is awesome - I'm definitely going to have to try to participate the next time around!