Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Featured Reviewer- The Iron Duke ( Julie@My5Monkeys)

The Iron Duke (A Novel of the Iron Seas)Mina Wentworth  is a Detective  Inspector and takes care of the dead for the police. Rhys Trahaearn is a pirate and man of class and power now. Mina is horde and Rhys is metal and has nanoagents in his body. Its a steam punk romance and loved all the new words , and descriptions of this new world.

Mina family is debt with Blacksmith . Her brother Andrew is on the Terror and she will do what ever it takes to rescue him.

This is great romance and loved the location ,and that Marriage is topic on hand along with many others. What I didn't like was there one scene of rape , but they are both attracted to one another. When a Mina says stop even in the heat of the moment, but the pirate doesn't listen..made me question the relationship . It reminded me of the Luke/Laura relationship from General Hospital. I did like that they did talk about afterwords and that he knew he was wrong and shouldn't have done it. I did that they did continue to have a relationship and explore their love/lust for one another.

This was a different book and loved that it had zombies, family , and friends on the seas or airships.

I did like that this book touched on some very social issues with race, class, relationships, and war. This book did have me thinking about all these issues in relation to the characters.

Yasmeen & Scarsdale-- I did love the supporting characters as much as I loved the main characters.

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I bought this book and this is my honest review


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Gonna find this to the nearest bookstore. Nice review certainly. Check my book reviews at Bookcreak

Kelly aka yllektra(I Work For Books) said...

Oh, I have this book on my wishlist and it sounds complicated and fabulous!!!
Thanks for the review!