Monday, October 18, 2010

Beyond the Threshold of Death-Featured Reviewer

I admit I love a stories that take place in Ireland. I admit My favorite movie is PS I LOVE You for Gerard Butler, and beautiful scenery. We always have Corned Beef and Cabbage for St. Patrick's day.

This story takes place in Ireland in 1795. Deirdra is lives with her father , and is having a tough time to find a husband. Her father plays matchmaker and finds her a fiance with Brian. He lives in another town, and comes to visit when he can.

Dee comes down with an infection, and is taken to another town where she meets nurse Mylana. Deirdra is on deaths door , and is taken back to her home where Mylana tries to do all that she can to save her. Deirda reminds Mylana of someone who she once loved a long time ago. Mylana is a vampire , and Deirdra while ill is able to get visions of Mylana life before , and feels sad for the nurse. There is a connection there, and Mylana decides to turn Deirda into vampire since she so close to dying.

Once she is turned into a vampire, she turns even more beautiful , and feeds for the first time. Mylana and Deirda leave Ireland and go the new world--Boston. On the boat ride there, Deirdra feeds on animals and again is at deaths door. She needs human blood to survive. Deirda gets a job at a music shop, and they are happy there for a bit.

Mylana finally tells Dee of her woe and heartbreak. She killed Laccoix wife Jeanette , and was held captive for 7 months. They make and deal and she is able to go free. Mylana doesn't keep her end of the bargain, and makes fledgling Cyntia , and they become lovers .Laccoix comes back and kills Cyntia . Mylana is still grieving over this loss.

Deirdra goes back to Ireland to see her Dad and Brian. She is able to be there when her dad passes away. After than she and Brian start the courtship up once more , but there are times when she has to wipe his memory.She leaves him, and grieves the loss of Brian and her dad.

She then meets Brenna and finds kinship with her. She misses Mylana but wants company. When Brenna is at deaths door, she turns her into a vampire. She also feels like a mother , since she created Brenna. Meets Elijah and goes back and see Mylana. They fight someone even more worse than Laccoix .

I loved that that these vampires stuck to the cannon. These vamps were very sexual in nature with men and women, and took blood from either sex.Loved the growth of Dee through out the story because she grew and changed over time. I understood her loss of humanity and family. I also understood her desire to have a child.

Best line: Love must be tasted , but never savored. In our darkest moments, we may envy mortality but never should we aspire to it.

Book Review =4/B

Thanks to the author for the book and this is my Honest review


Judith Leger said...

Nice review, Julie. Definitely one to add to the tbr list! Thanks for sharing.

Melissa (Books and Things) said...

This one really sounds interesting. Thanks for the review.