Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Feature Review: Halloween Fantasies

Review of Halloween Fantasies by Melissa from Books and Things.

Sasha excited to go to this years Halloween Fantasy Ball is hoping to have a thrilling time.When her costume is destroyed, her makeshift costume of sexy vampire hunter helps her snag more than one fantasy that night. She ends up meeting a real vampire, Dante, who finds the irony of her costume too alluring. He can’t let this chance go by without indulging in some fantasies of his own. As the night goes on she finds herself willingly at his mercy and then later his twin joins the party.

This hot m/f/m fantasy is only 68 pages, but I feel the characters are well formed and interesting. Dante is a very sexy alpha male with very specific ideas of what he wants to do to Sasha. And as much as he is concerned with her pleasure, I did feel that it was mostly one sided and would have liked to see Sasha more forward with some of her fantasies. I also felt that the first “go round” was at times a bit awkward, but that could have been intentional as Dante was trying to pull Sasha out of herself.

I give this book 2/4 stars. It’s a fun erotic novella. It also makes a great quick read for those looking for just a little somethin’ somethin’ for the season.

On a side note, I can totally see Stewart Townsend as Dante.*fans self* I think he can be much more alpha male than when he played Lestat in that unfortunate film.


Melissa (My words and pages) said...

Melissa, you are doing featured posts now! That is great!

Ooo, this sounds like a nice steamy novella to read. :) Stewart Townsend, hu. Good pick. :)

Blodeuedd said...

Hi, followed you on over :)
great review, and mmmm on Stuart

Anonymous said...

What did he want to do to Sasha????! I suppose I must find myself a cool corner and read the novella to find out....

Katie S said...

Thank you for that very thoughtful review of Halloween Fantasies.

I see we have a similar opinion of that "unfortunate film" Stewart Townsend played Lestat in. LoL. I hadn't pictured him for the role of Dante, but he is a tasty bit of eye candy!

Thank you for reading!

~Katie Salidas

Melissa (Books and Things) said...

Thanks for following me over gals! :)

@StephanieD.. heh... :D

@Katie S. Thanks for letting me read the book. It was fun!

Looks like we all agree on Stewart. ;D

Missie said...

Oh Wow! Stewart Townsend would be the perfect Dante!