Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Dusk by Lana Griffen - PJV Review

Dusk by Lana Griffin
eBook provided by Lana Griffin for review.

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Synopsis from Ravenous Romance: 
Can an ancient voodoo priestess and her vampire lover overcome their "bad blood" to save the lives of ordinary humans?

Alexandra Leveau comes from an ancient voodoo priestess clan that's been feuding with sexy vamp Vadim Blerinca's family for centuries.  The mysterious "bad blood" between the Leveaus and Blerincas is what keeps Alexandra and Vadim burning for each other, yet it also makes them a very dangerous match:  by making love, each could kill the other.

Added to the erotically charged mix is Alexandra's ex-boyfriend, the poetic wraith Skipp, as well as a gargoyle who is devoted to Alexandra and will kill anyone who tampers with her.  Add one more wraith to the mix plus an insane vamp sire and the true Venus de Milos.  Now mix in elements of murder and mystery:  the deaths of elderly citizens for unknown reasons.

DUSK gives you all this and more.  A sexy, romantic romp of forbidden love and lust!

PJVs QUICKIE POV: As I get deeper and deeper into the PNR genre I'm realizing that my taste is very strongly geared towards the Urban Fantasy side.  Every now and then I like to pick up a romance and just let go, but really it is few and far between. This being said, I opened this review with that statement because I just didn't get into this book.  The characters were in-depth, they had a good background story and the setting and plot was interesting, but as I went page by page my  attention was always drawn else where. I would read a few pages and then find a reason to do something else. My reasons are as follows: one, it was very romance driven, two the romance was "fated" or basically reincarnated so it was that instant thing, and third the tone/writing of the novel was penned in a way you expect a historical novel would be, yet it was set in modern times, so I felt the outcome was odd. Once again, I did enjoy the characters, I thought they were well-formed, and actually enjoyed the first part of the novel. Yet, when the romance started I quickly lost interest, which is when you are supposed to get excited right??

RECOMMENDATIONS: Adults only, there are graphic, erotica areas. Fans of the heavy PNR tales will enjoy.