Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Host Reviewers

Well I guess those tons of people that voted for The Host really wanted to read it. LOL.

Our die hard reviewers came through though, because of this we will not be having a Top Reviewer this go guys rock though, and because of this I will be sending you BWB swag once it gets printed. T-Shirts and book marks! Yippee!

Check out our reviewers!


Wings said...

lol congrats to the two reviewers

i missed when the deadline was, but i wouldnt have been able to force myself through that book so quickly a second time around anyway.

did the host actually count as paranormal though? i though it would have been more sci fi

hopefully firespell should get here before the next deadline :)

Monica said...

Maybe everyone got behind because of the crazy recent weather.

Can't wait to read 'Firespell' and awesome about swag...good stuff!


Mandy said...

I actually did want to read this story.....I'm about halfway through it now. I feel bad that I couldn't make it by the deadline. Sorry to let everyone down.

I'm glad the two die-hards came through though. Ladies, you rock!

Lexie said...

XD I tried several times to read The Host, but I can't stomach Meyer's writing. I had hopes that since it wasn't a vampire love story it would improve my opinion, but it didn't.

I was hoping Sunshine or Darkborn or Spider's Bite would be chosen ::shrugs::

Ah well, I'm looking forward to reading Firespell and mayhaps the others will pop up again!