Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Firespell's Discussion Questions

  1. Lily and Jason.  Discuss. What do you think the next book holds for them?
  2. Lily & Scout's friendship had a lot of secrets, so in the end who did you relate to more, Lily or Scout? How about Lesley or Veronica? Would you hang with the brat pack or be a loner?
  3. What do think of the overwhelming trend in YA literature where the parents of the protagonists are either- dead, strung out or shipping their children off to boarding schools? Do you think this is a real look at parents today and what teens are dealing with?
  4. Follow up to parental question.  Authors employ the missing parents to mature their teenage protagonist. The protagonist doesn't have the option to act as an irresponsible teen, because they do not have any parental supervision.  Did you find Lily's behaviour normal for a teenager, or more mature than most?


Emily said...

Trying this a different way!

1. I thought these two were supercute together, honestly. I like how there's still a lot they don't know about each other and I hope that they get to spend some quality time together in the next book (with the rest of us looking on, of course!)

2. For me, I related to Lily- I thought all the characters were well done and they did all remind me of someone, even if only slightly, but I've always been the one who observed and commented so I definitely connected with that in Lily.

3. This is such a tough thing to deal with in YA books. If the parents are around, you kind of have to smack them for negligence for letting all this trouble happen and not doing anything about it. For my part, I think the absentee parent trend is more a way to explain how all the events of the story are unfolding with no adults being the wiser, as opposed to a comment on how kids are being raised today. With regards to this book, I think we have a lot more to learn about Lily's parents, and they were certainly present in her thoughts if not physically present throughout the book.

4. I think Lily is a more mature person than most at her age; she's a thinker and an observer and is kind of used to handling her own business. These traits only helped her deal with the issues she faces in the story, but personally I liked that she was mature without being a know it all or a stick in the mud.

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