Thursday, March 3, 2011

Uprising Book Review

Uprising: Vampire Federation

A gruesome ritual murder has stained the Oxfordshire countryside. It's just the first incident in a chain of events awakening Detective Inspector Joel Solomon to his worst nightmare-and a dreadful omen of things to come. Because Joel has a secret: he believes in vampires.

Alex Bishop is an agent of the Vampire Intelligence Agency. She's tasked with enforcing the laws of the global Vampire Federation, and hunting rogue members of her race. A tough job made tougher when the Federation comes under attack by traditionalist vampires. They have a stake in old-school terror-and in an uprising as violent as it is widespread.
Now it's plunging Alex and Joel into a deadly war between the living and the unloving-and against a horrifying tradition given new life by the blood of the innocent.(

I tried to read this book but it was slow moving , and lots of details , that this book didn't need to be that long. I stopped half way through out the book.

I loved the Location , and truly love reading different kind of vampire stories but this book I was able to put it down and read other books.

The time it took for Alex and Joel to meet was too long , and drawn out. I didn't feel any of the attraction between them. This book did remind me of movie Underworld and I love watching this movie.

I didn't finish this book because of those reasons, you might like this book but I didn't.

DNF= Did Not Finish

Thanks to the publisher & author  for the book and this is my Honest Review


Heather said...

Wow, I appreciate that you posted a review for a book you couldn’t finish. I’m new to book review blogging, so I appreciate seeing other bloggers give their honest opinions. Love your blog, by the way. I’m a new follower, found your blog on book blogs.