Thursday, January 13, 2011

When a Mullo Loves a Woman-Freatured Reviewer @My 5 Monkeys

When a Mullo Loves a Woman
Pearl is a student at College . There have been some murders happening around the town.  She has been seeing a mysterious man following her. When her boyfriend cancels on her she wanders around near a club and finds a book shop. At this shop she finds a necklace, and book.

Celeste is her room mate , and has some secrets from her too.

A Mullo is Psychic vampire who steals a Gypsy's power. Pearl is part gypsy and learns more about her mother.

This story takes place in the Monterrey Bay, and with all the locations. I remembered being down in that area with my family.

Celeste and Pearl hold a seance and Mr. M is there video recording the whole event. While there Pearl has another vision while having her necklace nearby. Pearl is able to into the past and learn more about her mother.

Pearl doesn't know much of her family history, and slowly comes to term with her destiny and knowing more about herself. Peal has an on /off again relationship with Evan . He plays a bigger role than what I thought.

I loved Adam and how the relationship slowly grew from him being Mr. Mysterious to more than a friend. He has been watching over her for some time. They are able to communicate telepathically . Adam doesn't want to fall in love with Pearl.

Best Line: Have you ever met someone for the first time, but in your heart you feel as if you have met them before.

Pearl and Celeste figure out who has been hurting their friends and save the day.

This was an interesting story , but I found sad that Pearl didn't know about her family history or her mother. Pearl learned some history from Adam, who has some secrets too. It seemed easy that her room mate knew about Mullo and magic. All the friends trying to figure out who was killing the students, reminded me of the scooby gang. I liked the story.

Book Review =C
BWB 2/4

Thanks to the author for the story and this is my Honest review


Jo-Anne Kenrick said...

Hi, Julie :)
Thanks for reading, and for the really thorough review. " Have you ever met someone for the first time, but in your heart you feel as if you have met them before." is one of my favorite lines from the book.