Sunday, August 23, 2009

Meet the HBIC - Head Bloggers in Charge


The BWB's Editor is in charge of all content on the Blog with Bite blog site.
For suggestions, complaints and general issues please contact an editor by clicking here.
The Seeker
Our Seeker is ever searching for the next Great Urban Fantasy Literary Masterpiece! She also can't pass up a good deal, and she will let you know the where you can get the CB for the cheapest!
Contact our Seeker if you have books to suggest, or if you have found a great deal on our current book. For contact click here.
Our sales team! The Butterflies are always on the look out for new reviewer talent.
To refer a friend or let us know of a great new Urban Fantasy / PNR blog site, click here.

BWB Hostess

The BWB Hostesses are the faces of Blog with Bite. If you have questions, these are the ladies to turn to.
For questions concerning your membership, to refer a friend or to just introduce yourself to the HBIC. Contact a Hostess! Click here.
Our librarian has a head for literacy in all it's dark perfection. She helps us sound intelligent - hard work!
We aren't perfect and neither is spell check, if you have noticed a typo or something wrong with our site, please contact our Librarian. Click Here.
The Enforcers are strong arms of the BWB. They make sure our guidelines are being followed.
Questions concerning guideline issues, please contact an enforcer through their email:

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